Cardinal Boys Blows Away the Red Raiders in RPAC Quarterfinals

    On January 29th, 2020 Alma boys went head to head with the Med Valley Red Radors. The boys took the cake with 49-39.

     In the First quarter, Burke Boehler scored 3 points. Tanner Heckenlively also scored 3 points. We had a total of 8 points at the end of quarter 1.

      Into the 2nd quarter, B. Boehler had a total of 4 points. Antonio Hudson shot a 3. Isaac McCurdy scored one free throw and also scored 4 points for a total of 5 points. In quarter 2 they scored 12 points. 

      At half time they had 20 points and the Radors had 25 points.

      In the 3rd quarter, B. Boehler shot a 2. Nathan Hock scored 4 points. I. McCurdy shot a 2. Vince Ongtangco shot 2 free throws and a 2. In the end of quarter 3 they had 12 points. 

     In the last quarter, B. Boehler scored 8 points and shot 2 free throws. T. Heckenlively shot 4 free throws. N. Hock shot a 2. V. Ongtangco shot 1 free throw. To bring quarter 4 to 17 points. 

     At the end of the game they had 49 points winning the game and moving forward in the RPAC games.

Article by Lillian Marshall