Cardinals Destroy the Wolves


On February 10, the Lady Cardinals traveled to Almena, Kansas to take on the wolves. Starting off the 1st quarter strong, the score was cardinals 12 and wolves 2. Addison Neal and Abby Cervera led with 3 points each and Carlee Stuhmer, Kaylee Baker and Katy Prickett with 2 points each. 

2nd quarter the score was 30-4 with the Lady Cards leading. Prickett leading with 8 points. Stuhmer with 4 points. 

3rd quarter 13-51 Cardinals still up. Kaylee Baker, Katy Prickett, Madison Schuller, and Addison Neal all had 4 points each, and Carlee Stuhmer right behind with 3.

Starting off the 4th quarter the score was 15-62 Madison Wolfe was top scorer of the quarter with 4, Neal behind with 3, and Prickett and Baker both with 2. All time lead scorer was Prickett with 15 points. 

Article by Katy Prickett.