Alma Boys fought hard against Franklin

The Alma Boys played the Franklin Flyers at home.  Alma scored 53 points and Franklin scored 70.  

In the first quarter, Tanner Heckenlively scored the only 4 points of the quarter.  All 4 points came from 2 pointers. 

In the second quarter, the boys scored a total of 18 points.  Ryan Kermmoade had a 3 pointer and 2 free throws. Grant McQuay had to 2 pointers and 2 free throws.  Jakin Neal had a 2 pointer and a 3 pointer.  Drew Neubauer had a 2 pointer.  

In the third quarter, they scored a total of 11 points.  Tanner Heckenlively had two 2 pointers and a 3 pointer.  Grant McQuay had 2 free throws.  Drew Neubauer had a 2 pointer.

In the fourth and final quarter, the boys scored a total of 20 points.  Ryan Kermmoade had 2 free throws made.  AJ Russell made 1 free throw.  Grant McQuay made a 2 pointer.  Tanner Heckenlively had three 3 pointers and a 2 pointer.  Jakin Neal made a 2 pointer.  Drew Neubauer made one of his free throws.

The Alma Boys could not pull off the win against the Franklin Flyers.