Boys Basketball

The Cardinal boys basketball team played their first round of RPAC against Cambridge, Saturday night January 22nd at Southwest.

They started the game off strong staying neck and neck with Cambridge. Scoring for the Cardinals was Ryan Kermmoade making five points, Grant McQuay making one of his free throws, and Jakin Neal making a three-pointer. The quarter ended with Alma having 9 points and Cambridge with 12 points.

The Cardinal boys had a slower start to the second quarter with Ryan Kermmoade making 3 points and Jakin Neal making 5 points. The score at the end of the first half was Alma with 17 points and Cambridge with 32 points.

The Cardinal boys came back with a strong defense for the third quarter, with Peyton Herrick making 2 points, and Ryan Kermmoade with 5. Cambridge scored only seven points during the third quarter leaving the score at the end of the third quarter at Alma having 24 points and Cambridge with 39 points.

The Cardinals had a more difficult 4th quarter with Ryan Kermmoade scoring 3 points, Ryan Brugh scoring 2 points, and Cambridge scoring a total of 11 points. The final score of the first round of RPAC was Alma with 29 points and Cambridge with 50 points.

Article by Torrance Tischner