Here are the Results for Alma.  The full results are attached as well as the team results. 

Girls 4x100 Relay finished 9th with a time of 1:00

Relay Members: Carlee Stuhmer, Linden Biskup, Miley Whitney, and Izzy Dubbs

Girls 4x400 finished 7th with a time of 4:59. 

 Relay Members: Elizabeth Dubbs, Harper Fennel, Chayse Molzahn, and Riley Scott

Girls 4x800 finished 4th with a time of 11:49. 

Relay Members: Addison Siebels, Harper Fennel, Chayse Molzahn, and Riley Scott

100 Meter Dash

Carlee Stuhmer 23rd with a 14.70

Miley Whitney 26th with a 14.8

Addison Pool 32rd with a 15.4

Girls 200 Meter Dash 

Sami Stone 29th with a 33.60 

Selena Stoica 33rd with a 37.30 

Girls 400 meter Dash 

Izzy Dubbs 17th with a 1:15

Sami Stone 20th with a 1:18

Girls 800 Meter Run 

Riley Scott 4th with a 1:46

Girls 1600 Meter Run 

Harper Fennel 5th with a 6:35

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 

Linden Biskup 10th with a 19:20 

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles 

Linden Biskup 12th with a 59:20

Miley Whitney 20th with a 1:03

Girls High Jump 

Carlee Stuhmur placed 9th with 4-04 feet 

Chasye Molzahn placed 9th with 4-04 feet 

Girls Pole Vault 

Kendall Stemper placed 9th with 7 feet 

Girls Long Jump

Addison Pool placed 29th with 12 feet and 5 inches 

Alexis Wolfe placed 32nd with 12 feet nad 2 inches 

Selena Stoica placed 40th with 9 feet and 2 inches 

Girls Triple Jump

Alexis Wolfe placed 20th with 27 feet and 10 inches 

Girls Shot Put 

Sydney Mitchell placed 29th and threw 25 feet and 6 inches

Zalie White placed 38th and threw 22 feet 

Girls Discuss Throw 

Sydney Mitchell placed 12th and threw 74 feet and 8 inches 

Riley Scott placed 18th and threw 69 feet and 2 inches 

Zalie White placed 25th and threw65 feet and 8 inches 

Boys 100 meter dash 

Drew Neubauer placed 21 with a 12.70

Gavin Dunse placed 29th with a 13.20

Bladyn Herrick placed 34th with a 13.60

Boys 200 meter dash 

Peyton Herrick placed 17th with a 26.30 

Tucker Brandyberry placed 21st with a 27.30

Blayden Herick placed 26th with a 27.90

Boys 400 meter dash 

Gage Thulin placed 19th with a 1:02

Gavin Dunse placed 23rd with a 1:06

Boys 4x100 placed 10 with a time of 49.70. 

Relay Members: Drew Neubauer, Tucker Brandyberry, Jaxon Tischner, and Peyton Herrick

Boys 4x400 placed 11th with a time of 4:23.

Relay Members: Gage Thulin, Peyton Herrick, Tucker Brandyberry, and James Dubbs

Boys 4x800 placed 6th with a time of 9:59. 

Relay Members: Griffin Stemper, Jaxon Tishner, James Dubbs, and Jakin Neal 

Boys High Jump

Peyton Herrick placed 1st with 6 feet 

Gage Thulin placed 7th with 5 feet and 8 inches 

Blayden Herrick placed 14th with 5 feet and 2 inches 

Boys Pole vault 

James Dubbs placed 11th with 8 feet and 6 inches 

Griffin Stemper placed 16th with 7 feet 6 inches

Tucker Brandyberry also placed 16th with 7 feet and 6 inches 

Boys Long Jump 

Drew Neubauer placed 27th with 14 feet and 11 inches 

Ethan Bach placed 29th with 14 feet and 10 inches 

Davis Clark placed 32nd with 12 feet and 11 inches 

Boys Triple Jump 

Gage Thulin placed 5th with 39 feet and 6 inches 

Jaxon Tischner placed 15th with 34 feet and 10 inches 

Emmett Torrey placed 27th with 29 feet and 8 inches

Boys shot put 

Spencer Gehrig placed 30th with and threw 30 feet and 10 inches 

Boys Discus Throw 

Spencer Gehrig placed 17th with threw 91 feet

Wilcox Hildreth Track Results

Wilcox Hildreth Team Results